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Follow the journal of Januae, a Lost Nano who Jaunts Uncontrollably as he travels the Ninth World in this Numenera audiodrama podcast.

Feb 20, 2022

This is a show about love, death, and robots. No, not the Netflix show. This is a totally different kind of story.

Hannahpocalypse is a forth wall breaking serial comedy/horror audio drama that follows the last zombie, Hannah; who’s ‘living’ her best life over 100 years after the zombie apocalypse has come and gone. All the while Cali, a scout for a thriving settlement, looks to make a mark on the world but is coming up bust. Destined to collide, zombie and human will be forced into an unlikely friendship amid a wasteland full of unfriendly robots left over from the ‘bad old days’. It’s a story of friendship, love, robots and a girl who eats people.

As you might have guessed, this isn’t your regular zombie show, if one at all despite the unliving status of it’s main character. Perhaps surprisingly, flicking the tuner to this show will introduce an offbeat, queer, comedy/horror story dares to tackle a spectrum of themes ranging from feelings of existential loneliness all the way to finding the kind of love that crosses the boundaries of communication. It swings with abandon between light and quirky observational gags to incredibly vulnerable scenes of heartache and hope that’ll be sure to have you experiencing a full range of emotions within a fifteen or so minute episode. Starring Amanda Hufford as Hannah and Abigail Turner as Cali, the show is also propelled forward by powerful supporting performances from Jordan Rudolph, Tom Schulk, Will Handford and Ryan Hoyle (among others!). If you’re looking for a show with incredibly strong character development, a little bit of hope and maybe a laugh or two, try giving Hannahpocalypse a spot in your podcast rotation.

You can listen to Hannahpocalypse at or wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.