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Follow the journal of Januae, a Lost Nano who Jaunts Uncontrollably as he travels the Ninth World in this Numenera audiodrama podcast.

Apr 25, 2020

After being taken by the Ustiliator Januae once again finds himself in a strange land, where he ends up encountering someone he knows all too well...


Written, produced, and directed by David S. Dear.

Based on the RPG Numenera by Monte Cook Games, LLC.

The voice of Januae is performed by David S. Dear.
The voice of...

Apr 11, 2020

For our final discussion before the premiere of Season 3 we have a conversation with the immensely talented Lee Shackleford, creator of Relativity podcast.

We discuss the ins and outs of creativity, hosting a podcast, listener engagement, and interesting comparisons of our respective creations. A very insightful...